Session 5

Session 5 – Post Production 2 (Video Editing P2 / Shoot roughs / Write scripts)
This session will emphasize learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit video. Adobe Premiere is cross platform (MAC and PC) and is also free for OU faculty and staff. To download free software visit the OU ITstore.

This session will also introduce This is a video repository, streaming server for internal and external use at OU. Video can be shared internally, connected to (D2L) and shared externally. Playlist and channels can be created to collaboratively share video work for faculty, students and staff.

The free and automatic captioning services of Youtube will also be introduced. To view a tutorial video, please click here. The rate of accuracy for Youtube’s automatic captioning is approximately 70%. Discipline specific terminology often is captioned incorrectly, so editing is needed. After editing the captions in Youtube, they can be downloaded as .srt files and then uploaded and used in

Supplemental instruction can also be found at After logging into with your 4×4 search for Premiere Pro. Many training video series are available for Premiere Pro. A great entry point is Premiere Pro CC Essential Training with Ashley Kennedy.

– Introduction to Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
– Navigating the interface
– Media management / Asset organization
– Deconstruct a finished product
– Build a new project (use provided footage)
– Export a sample video segment
– Upload video segment to
– Upload video segment to Youtube and practice captioning

Time will be available for script and pre production consultation. Time will also be available for both practice and scripted shooting. **You are not required to script your content, however after working with clients for over twenty years, scripting content, whether it is used or not, moves production, keeping pace with the projected timelines.

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OU ITstore
YouTube captions

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