Session 3

Session 3 – Production

Session 3 will meet at 5PP, suite 1500 (S. Campus)

The University of Oklahoma
Five Partners Place
201 Stephenson Parkway, Suite 1500
Norman, OK 73019

For session three, faculty will have started creating their pre production assets (rough script, shot list & media asset list, & storyboard). Faculty will practice using the teleprompter for this session. If rough/finished scripts have been written these can be used, if not, a script will be provided.

These rough teleprompter sessions will be recorded and “unlisted” rough videos will be uploaded to YouTube. Faculty performances will be informally critiqued. The main goal is for individual faculty to view themselves and their performance for the camera – self critique.

Different video technology solutions will be available for hands-on practice. Faculty will have the opportunity to experiment with annotated screen casts, laptop camera lectures, and video editing software.


Part three of the video series looks at the production process and offers some tips for talent who will be performing in front of the camera.

Click here to access the YouTube playlist – Producing for the green Screen.


– Shoot roughs / Teleprompter practice / Write scripts in class
– Teleprompter practice (everyone reads a generic script)
– Shoot in front of portable green screen
– Those not shooting will write scripts
– Those not shooting will experiment with different, hands-on video solutions
**instructor reviews scripts offering feedback

What to Wear on Camera
Performing for the Camera

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